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      Jiaxing Addtop Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (ADDTOP) started digital printing business in 2012. ADDTOP's printers are mainly used in advertising poster printing, advertising display printing, fabric flag printing, signage printing. , T-shirt printing, gift printing, handicraft printing,gift packing box printing and other industrial products printing fields.


      ADDTOP has printers of 5 categories and 27 types, digital inkjet printer, direct textile printer, UV roll to roll printer, UV flatbed printer, DTG printer. In 2012, the indoor and outdoor digital inkjet printer was launched, which was specially designed for the printing of the advertising market. In 2013, the direct textile printer was launched, which was specially designed for the printing of advertising flags and fabrics. In 2015, our DTG printer was launched, which was specially designed for personalized T-shirt printing; In 2016, our UV small flatbed printer and UV roll to roll printer, which is specially designed for the printing of advertising light boxes and advertising gifts. In 2017, a large UV flatbed printer was launched, mainly for the printing of high-precision advertising light boxes, imaging products and craft gifts. Every product of ADDTOP has a very precise positioning on the market.


      The design concept of ADDTOP printers is based on "high-precision printing and reliable use". The products are produced under the guidance of lean production management, so the printing quality of the printer is higher, the color is more vivid and true. Printing more artistic picture is the pursuit of every person in digital printing field, helping customers to make more artistic images is the pursuit of ADDTOP!


      ADDTOP has always believed that,in the field of digital printing,the quality of printed images is the most important thing. It is meaningful and correct to pursue fast only on the basis of good quality and reliable printing. The printers which ignore the printing quality and stable use,only focus on fast printing,are not reliable.


      ADDTOP's printers have been settled not only in China,but also all over the world: in Liaoning, in Shandong, in Guangzhou, in Shanghai, in Beijing, in Jiangsu, in Hubei, in Anhui, in Zhejiang, in Italy, in Russia. In the United States, in Brazil, in India, in South Africa, in Germany, in Kyrgyzstan, in Ecuador, in the United Kingdom, in Pakistan, in the Philippines, in France, in Greece, in Egypt... We have went to lots of places to work happily together with our customers. We have also won a lot of applause and praise these years.Shandong customers like the UV small flatbed machine TB102U, Italy customers like the DTG printer TT102, Greece customers like the outdoor digital inkjet printer HE3302, Zhejiang customers like the direct textile printer HBE3322, the Pakistan customers like the UV roll to rolll printer WK1806U, the Philippines customer like the digital inkjet printer SE1601, the Ecuadorian customers like soft film printer HCE3302, the Shanghai customers like the digital inkjet printer TE1332...... Customer recognition and praise are the best encouragement for us.


      ADDTOP is young and we are not big. There are still many printing technologies we need to learn. There are also many weaknesses on the printing equipment and features on the user experience that are worth improving. 


      In the future, what we will do is to "make customers easy to use!"



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